Teaching Reading Essentials

Authors: Linda Farrell, Anne Whitney, Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D.
Grades: Intervention K-3

Video Demonstrations of Small Group Interventions

Teaching Reading Essentials is the training educators have been asking for—professional development that demonstrates how to teach beginning reading to challenging students, using research-based strategies in a format that provides both guidance and support.

Developed by renowned literacy expert Louisa C. Moats, author of LETRS, and reading consultant Linda Farrell, Teaching Reading Essentials is LETRS brought to life in the classroom.

At the heart of Teaching Reading Essentials are 58 video demonstrations of small group reading interventions led by experienced teachers who represent various styles and approaches. In addition, 20 professional development sessions capture candid discussions with the author and practicing teachers about the reading instruction issues presented in these authentic, unscripted videos.

Reading coaches or team leaders responsible for group meetings or in-school professional development sessions can use this resource to support any comprehensive core reading program. Teaching Reading Essentials also offers K–3 teachers the opportunity to study and review activities at their own pace.

Organized to target specific reading and writing skills, the DVDs move from basic language development to phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension instruction.

Teaching Reading Essentials includes six DVDs:

  • Part 1. Teaching Letters, Sounds, and Sense
  • Part 2. Teaching Phoneme Awareness
  • Part 3. Teaching Beginning Reading and Writing (on two DVDs)
  • Part 4. Teaching Advanced Phonics
  • Part 5. Teaching Vocabulary and Comprehension

Basic Set includes the DVD set and a Program Guide with additional informal assessments, reference lists, and links to existing instructional programs.

Master Set includes the DVD set, the Program Guide, and a set of the letter tile manipulatives featured in the demonstrations.

System requirements: DVD player or DVD-ROM drive

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Helping Students Keep Their Eyes on the Words
by coauthor Linda Farrell
posted 7/25/2012
Interview with coauthor
Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D.

50 min.
released 3/12/12