Step Up to Writing in Math

Author: Maureen Auman, Debbie Valette
Grades: 1-12

Your students may be able to correctly work math problems, but can they explain how they arrived at the solution? Step Up to Writing in Math is a powerful new resource for mathematics and content-area teachers looking for practical strategies that can be used with all students—from kindergarten through high school—in math-related reading and writing.

Step Up to Writing in Math has stand-alone chapters addressing vocabulary, reading, note taking, summarizing, asking and answering questions, writing for assessments, writing for general assignments, and creative and personal writing. The program teaches practical strategies for:

  • Learning and using new math terms
  • Reading actively to improve comprehension
  • Using note taking to learn content and explain how word problems are solved
  • Summarizing text on math topics and concepts
  • Using summarizing strategies to write about graphs
  • Writing for prompts typically found on assessments
  • Writing general paragraphs and reports
  • Writing creatively about math content and math concepts
  • Using learning logs and journals to demonstrate mathematical thinking and knowledge

Step Up to Writing in Math includes three levels of Tools for primary, intermediate, and secondary students. Tools are reproducible pages that can be used over and over again to teach, practice, and review skills.

Flexible lessons feature easy-to-use and easy-to-teach methods with numerous examples for demonstration and modeling.