Sound Partners

Author: Patricia Vadasy
Grades: K-2 and Intervention 2-3

A Tutoring Program in Phonics-Based Early Reading 

Sound Partners is an explicit, balanced, phonics-based tutoring program that provides individual instruction in early reading skills. Using lessons specifically designed for tutors, paraprofessionals, and assistants, this research-based solution:

  • Improves phonemic awareness, decoding, word identification, and spelling skills
  • Provides kindergarten instruction in phonological skills (syllable segmenting) and initial sound identification, and scaffolded practice in phoneme segmenting
  • Includes application of word-reading skills through storybook reading practice

What to Order for Kindergarten: the Kindergarten Master Set plus BOB Books, Sets 1 and 2.

What to Order for Grades 1–3: the Grades 1–3 Master Set and the Grades 1–3 Decodable Readers Set.

Kindergarten Master Set includes one Lesson Book, one Tutor Handbook, and one Sound Card Set.

Grades 1–3 Master Set includes Lesson Books (3 copies), Implementation Manual, Tutor Handbooks (3 copies), and Sound Cards (3 sets).

Grades 1–3 Decodable Readers Set includes one copy of each storybook, including the BOB Books series (Sets 1–5), Poppleton and Friends, The Class Trip, and Mice and Beans.


Download sample materials from the Lesson Book, Tutor Handbook, and Implementation Manual