RtI Starter Kits

Grades: K-9

To help school districts begin or continue an RtI implementation, Voyager Sopris Learning has developed three RtI Starter Kits, each focusing on a different grade range: primary (K–3), intermediate (3–6), and secondary (6–9).

Who Should Use

The RtI Starter Kits are designed for classroom teachers, reading teachers, reading coaches, reading and literacy coordinators, curriculum directors, and paraprofessionals. Ideally, the Starter Kits will augment professional development, effective core/alternative core programs, universal screening and targeted progress monitoring, and other supplemental instructional programs.

How to Use

Each RtI Starter Kit provides an example of broad-based supplemental instruction and intervention that teachers can use right away with struggling readers. As educators' understanding of specific student needs grows, complement these Starter Kits with other supplemental programs.

RtI Starter Kit: Primary (Grades K–3)

Consists of Stepping Stones to Literacy, Sound Partners Master Set, 50 Nifty Activities, and Logistics of Literacy Intervention: An RtI Planning Guide for Elementary Schools.

RtI Starter Kit: Intermediate (Grades 3–6)

Consists of 50 Nifty Activities, Phonics and Spelling Through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping, Vocabulary Through Morphemes, The Six-Minute Solution Primary and Intermediate, Practicing Basic Skills in Language Arts, Teaching Basic Writing Skills, Words for Academic Writing, Collaborative Strategic Reading, and Logistics of Literacy Intervention: An RtI Planning Guide for Elementary Schools.

RtI Starter Kit: Secondary (Grades 6–9)

Consists of REWARDS Secondary, The Six-Minute Solution Secondary; Practicing Basic Skills in Language Arts; The Multiple Meaning Vocabulary Program, Levels 1 and 2 (1 Teacher Set and 1 Student Workbook for each level); Teaching Basic Writing Skills; Words for Academic Writing; Collaborative Strategic Reading; The Key Three Routine; and Logistics of Literacy Intervention: A Planning Guide for Middle and High School.

Webinar Series

Voyager Sopris Learning Webinar Series

Watch complimentary presentations that directly connect educators to cutting-edge research from leading experts in the fields of literacy, mathematics, professional development, assessment, and behavior.