RAVE-O Literacy Intervention

Independent Reviews and Testimonials

Independent Reviews and Testimonials Support the RAVE-O Approach

RAVE-O has been in development for over a decade. During this time, hundreds of teachers and thousands of students have benefitted from the RAVE-O approach to literacy instruction. Also, during this time, the program has been extensively and independently studied and reviewed.

Independent Studies

"RAVE-O provides instruction and practice on the skills and strategies that build fluency in word decoding skills, sight-word reading skills, and reading comprehension. An experimental study suggests positive short-term as well as long-term effects of RAVE-O on several important reading skills."

Florida_Center_for_Reading_Research (PDF, 104 KB)

"At its essence, the program represents an effort to recreate and stimulate what the brain does when it reads. Thus, there is time allocated to every dimension of oral language as well as to perceptual recognition and conceptual processes. . . .The RAVE-O program has a strong emphasis on vocabulary and comprehension and…relies on quick, engaging game-like tasks to hold children’s attention while providing effective instruction. As children become more masterful readers, their engagement with the materials increases, and they are more likely to attend for longer periods of time."

Katherine Donnelly Adams
"The Tufts-Malden Summer Reading Program"
March, 2008

"The P+RAVE-O* program demonstrated superior outcomes and greater linear growth on the ORQ at 70 hours; and a trend favoring P+RAVE-O was found on the Comprehension subscore at posttest. These findings demonstrate the efficacy of P+RAVE-O in facilitating fluent comprehension following only 70 hours of intervention"

Robin D. Morris, et al
Journal of Learning Disabilities (Online)
May, 2010


"With RAVE-O, our students experienced a marked improvement in their abilities to decode and read fluently. In addition, students love the RAVE-O language, which helps them understand and remember key concepts"

Ruth Schreier, Teacher
Shady Hills School
Cambridge, Massachusetts

"RAVE-O is one of the most important innovations in the teaching of reading I have seen in my career. In a fun, organized way, students gain mastery over the way that language works and how they can use this knowledge to help themselves read more fluently and understand at a deeper level.  RAVE-O teaches connections that no other program makes explicit and provides the instruction that jump-starts student progress."

Mary Antón-Oldenburg, Ed.D., Principal
Lexington, Massachusetts

"RAVE-O is a comprehensive, effective and easy to use program for struggling readers.  The focus on multiple meanings immediately engages students in a way not experienced by many weak readers—it "lights a fire."  I could see that my students suddenly felt empowered not only to learn, but to contribute to the learning process!" 

Nancy Young , Teacher
Calgary, Alberta., Canada


Author Interview:
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Maryanne Wolf, Ed.D.

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Webinar Presentation:
Understanding the Neuroscience Behind Reading
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Assistant Director, Center for Reading and Language Research Tufts University: Stephanie Gottwald