Passport Reading Journeys eBook

Passport Reading Journeys with eBooks

  • 6-12

New Release! Builds Engaged, Motivated Readers with High-Interest Content

Passport Reading Journeys, with Updated Content, is an engaging literacy solution for middle and high school students reading significantly below grade level. The research-based reading intervention program uses a blended approach focused on engaging students with age-appropriate instruction and content that includes real-world relevant, captivating Expedition themes and technology components that support and enhance instruction.

With this updated and revised release, the best parts of Passport Reading Journeys™ (PRJ) have been preserved while significant enhancements have been made to reflect rigorous ELA performance expectations.


Specifically, this new release of Passport Reading Journeys includes:

  • Implementation flexibility—blend of print and digital materials
  • New interactive eBooks digital curriculum—automatically included in teacher and student sets
  • New Online Teacher and Student Centers that provide single sign-on to all the tech components
  • New scope and sequence specifically design to support instruction that addresses rigorous reading standards
  • New content that challenges students with inferential questioning, deep text analysis, and online extension activities that provide grade-level text with increasing complexity
  • Expanded and enhanced reading opportunities, including ReadingScape, an online library of multimedia reading selections to support independent reading
  • New online assessment component, Power Pass, that increases test-readiness with passages and questions that mirror high-stakes exams

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