Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary for English Learners

Authors: Martha Smith, María Elena Argüelles, Ph.D.
Grades: 4-Adult

AVEL teaches English language learners how to better understand the language of learning by providing daily, systematic, and intensive vocabulary and language instruction. Easy-to-implement, scripted instruction offers in-depth study of more than 250 words that occur repeatedly in academic discussions and texts.

Each scripted lesson contains all of the components of effective vocabulary instruction, including appropriate pacing, meaningful examples, and plenty of opportunities for ongoing practice and review. The Teacher Presentation Manual provides a precise visual definition. Student workbooks, discussions, and word production activities help students deeply process word meanings.

The AVEL Instructional Method

The AVEL Instructional Method

Rapid Oral and Written Language Development for English Learners

  • Research-based, supplemental language development program that targets academic vocabulary
  • Explicit EL literacy program in which students hear and use words that reflect the ways they are used in academic settings
  • Engaging and interactive activities that increase opportunities for success outside of academic settings
  • Scaffolded speaking and listening, reading, and writing instruction

Research Foundation

AVEL follows Robert J. Marzano's Six Steps to Effective Vocabulary Instruction:

STEP 1 The teacher gives a description, explanation, or example of the new word.
STEP 2The teacher asks the student to give a description, explanation, or example of the new word in his/her own words.
STEP 3The teacher asks the student to draw a picture, symbol, or locate a graphic to represent the new word.
STEP 4The student participates in activities that provide more knowledge of the words.
STEP 5The student will discuss the word with other classmates.
STEP 6The student will participate in activities that provide more reinforcement of the new word.