Susan M. Ebbers, M.Ed.

Susan M. Ebbers, M.Ed.

Susan Ebbers, doctoral candidate, is a literacy expert and publisher of Vocabulogic, an award-winning, research-based education blog. Her research focus includes morphological awareness, vocabulary growth, measurement design, and the relationships between interest level and reading comprehension. In addition to serving as a K–8 principal and preschool director, Ebbers has taught primary and secondary grades and was awarded for her contributions to literacy. She has authored four supplemental programs published by Sopris: Vocabulary Through Morphemes, Daily Oral Vocabulary Exercises (DOVE), Power Readers, and Supercharged Readers

Susan's edublog, Vocabulogic

Programs by Author

Supercharged Readers
Dig into diphthongs and long vowels while ramping up student skills with these exciting new decodable chapter books. Like Power Readers, Supercharged...
Power Readers
The program features 28 related decodable stories with recurring characters and prereading and post-reading activity pages aligned with the story and the phonics…
Vocabulary Through Morphemes
This newly revised word study resource teaches students the most common prefixes, suffixes, and roots and fosters a deeper understanding of the English...