Ruth A. Kaminski, Ph.D.

Ruth Kaminski, Ph.D.

Ruth A. Kaminski, Ph.D. is CEO/COO Director of Research and Development for Dynamic Measurement Group and co- author of DIBELS. Dr. Kaminski is Director of Research and Development for Dynamic Measurement Group and co-author of DIBELS. Dr. Kaminski's academic background includes degrees in Speech Pathology, Early Intervention, and School Psychology. For the past 20 years she has conducted research on assessment and preventative interventions for preschool and early elementary age children. Dr. Kaminski has extensive experience providing consultation to Head Start agencies and public schools throughout Oregon and the United States. In addition, she has over 10 years' experience as a classroom teacher and speech/language clinician with preschool age children. In 2007, Dr. Kaminski was selected as the recipient of Pennsylvania State University's Excellence in Education Award.

Programs by Author

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DIBELS Deep Diagnostic
Integrates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and spoken English, rapidly advancing students (grades 3–12) who score below the 40th percentile on standardized…
DIBELS Next Survey
An advanced assessment, administered to students who have not reached benchmark goals. Survey ensures no time is wasted by progress monitoring too high…